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At MERPACIFICO we have a powerful distribution network that allows us to be more competitive and to follow new standards of quality and efficiency in the sector. In addition, we offer a flexible service guaranteeing the supply, from the best fishing grounds to any place in the world, in the best conditions and in record time.

An octopus recognized for its flavor

The company MERPACÍFICO, an octopus specialist, works with an excellent raw material: the Dakhla octopus, one of the best in the world. This is the basis for the development of a product recognized internationally for its flavor. The company takes maximum care of the processes to obtain a high-quality octopus, keeping its nutritional qualities intact, reinforcing its flavor and texture.

Quality from the origin

Our products

We adapt to the needs of our clients and promote their growth.

International Standard: Safe, authentic and quality products

MERPACÍFICO has the IFS FOOD quality certificate. This is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that manufacture food. It focuses on the safety and food quality of processed products, ensuring that products meet the strictest quality and safety controls.

Our company

For more than 30 years we have been specialists in octopus and referents in seafood products with a high annual processing capacity to meet the demand in record time and anywhere in the world. We are present throughout the value chain, from fishing to distribution, to guarantee the highest quality. We differentiate ourselves by the customization of our services and innovation to adapt to the particular needs of all our clients and boost their growth.

Recipe notebook

Roadmap with the best octopus recipes: from the most traditional to those currently made in the most innovative kitchens



Commitment to Palencia

The Palencia company is already recognized as an “Active Company Against Cancer 2024”. This action is part of MERPACÍFICO’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan with the objective of collaborating in the support of the Association and the prevention and information about cancer among the company’s workers.

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