Raw Octopus

Our focus on excellence and customer service sets us apart

For more than 30 years we have been specialists in octopus and leaders in seafood products with a high annual processing capacity to satisfy demand in record time and anywhere in the world. We are present in every value chain; from fishing to distribution, to guarantee maximum quality. We differentiate ourselves by the customization of our services and innovation to adapt to the particular needs of all our clients and boost their growth.

Raw Octopus Tray

Whole octopus on a tray in different formats. Raw octopus in a MERPACÍFICO tray is frozen in less than 2 hours, which guarantees the perfect condition of the product, without losing any of its nutritional values ​​or its original texture.

ReferenciaDescripción Bandejas por cajaPeso medio por cajaCajas por palletPeso medio por pallet
PELC008Pulpo bandeja 1-1,5 kg -C-67,5054405,00
PELC009Pulpo bandeja 1-2 kg -C-69,0054486,00
PELC010Pulpo bandeja 2-3 kg -C-410,0054540,00
PELC011Pulpo bandeja 3-4 kg -C-310,5054567,00
PELC012Pulpo bandeja 4-5 kg -C-14,5090405,00
PELC013Pulpo bandeja 5-6 kg -C-15,5090495,00
PELC014Pulpo bandeja 6-8 kg -C-16,5090585,00
PELC015Pulpo bandeja +8 kg -C-18,0090720,00