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The Spanish Association Against Cancer gives the company Merpacífico the distinction of “Active Company against Cancer 2024” after signing a collaboration agreement

The Palencia company, Merpacífico, is already recognized as an “Active Company Against Cancer 2024”. The Spanish Association Against Cancer has presented this distinction after the signing of a collaboration agreement by Manuela and Conrado Merino, director and CEO of Merpacífico and Rosa María Andrés Carbajal, president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Palencia.

This action is part of Merpacífico’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan with the aim of collaborating in the maintenance of the Association and the prevention and information about cancer among the company’s workers. In this way, from now on, the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the company, a specialist in octopus, will jointly promote actions based on health promotion, the dissemination of good habits and prevention measures against the disease.

During the signing of the agreement, the president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Palencia thanked Merpacífico for its commitment while Conrado Merino, CEO of the company, valued the work of the Association, ensuring that “it is an honor to be part of it.” of companies active against cancer collaborating with an entity of recognized prestige.” Furthermore, he added that “with this agreement the company is moving forward to offer a Health Plan to workers, demonstrating interest in the well-being of the people who are part of the company.” For her part, Manuela Merino, director of the company, wanted to raise awareness of the importance of collaborating with the Association since “the fight against cancer is everyone’s fight.”

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