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This recognition has been granted by the “International Taste Institute” through a world-leading certificate in the food industry that provides the brand with a seal of quality and prestige.

The tastiest octopus is found in Palencia. This has been decided by the “International Taste Institute” of Brussels, which has awarded the flavor of octopus from MERPACÍFICO (Palencia) with a score of 91.3% out of 100, the highest of the contest, achieving 3 stars. It is an octopus that comes from the best fishing grounds in the world where workers from the company itself select the raw material and then process it in Palencia, following strict quality controls, and finally distribute it with the maximum guarantees.

The jury was made up of more than 200 world-renowned chefs and sommeliers recognized by institutions such as the Michelin Guide, Repsol Guide and Gault & Millau, who carried out a tasting, blind and in complete silence, following an objective methodology based on the 5 criteria of international hedonic sensory analysis (visual, olfactory, gustatory, final sensation and texture).

The team at the !International Taste Institute” in Brussels has contacted the Palencia company to congratulate them and confirm their achievement of the “The Superior Taste Award certificate, a world leader in flavor that represents an indisputable seal of quality. and prestige” as confirmed by Manuela and Conrado Merino, Director and CEO of MERPACÍFICO, respectively.

MERPACIFICO has become a benchmark in the octopus sector not only in Spain but also internationally thanks to the firm commitment to quality that is recognized through the awards it is receiving from gastronomic experts and the increase in sales.

It is worth remembering that MERPACÍFICO is a new octopus processing company, located in the Industrial Park of Palencia (Calle Tejedores, 6) that is experiencing rapid growth motivated by the experience of more than 30 years and the professional successes of its founder, Conrado. Merino, who in 1991 also founded the company Viveros Merimar S.L dedicated to the wholesale trade of fish and seafood.

MERPACÍFICO closed 2023 with a turnover close to 20 million euros in just 6 months and is a modern, 100% automated company, which has the most innovative technologies, facilities that exceed 10,000 square meters with a large storage capacity in cold. It has a staff of close to 60 workers and the management’s intention is to reach 200 workers and a turnover between 80 and 100 million euros in five years.

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